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Joel and Maz are professional filmmakers that have a combined 25+ years of experience making award winning films.  We are doing this because we love to play and make projects on a whim and both of us love working with actors and have the goal of doing more creative projects this year. We are looking to shoot either improvised scenes (dramatic or comedic), or pre-written scenes with a raw life-like aesthetic. Our intention with this venture is to spend more days creating with friends and having fun, but also pay off the pricey gear we keep accumulating. (The kit we bring to these shoots would cost around 1000 bucks a day to rent for perspective).

We are hoping to shoot a few scenes here and there when schedules line up and have some fun. Think of yourself coming on as a producer/actor, think about the types of scenes and projects you want to get made to showcase your talent and skill. We want to work exclusively with fun collaborative people and this is only going to get great results if you are invested in making the best project possible within the scope we can create.  

If you’d like to add things on like hiring a professional makeup artist etc, we can help facilitate that. We bring dual cameras (great for improv and raw emotional scenes), sound equipment, directors looking out for your performance, a location we can use, editing and fun vibes.


We will deliver a high quality version ready for web or a theatre. If you’d like the raw full resolution footage and a full resolution master copy of your film bring a 1tb minimum drive.


Here is a link to an example scene shot in the location we will be using (North Burnaby/Brentwood Area):

Link to a video where Joel and Maz explain the process:


Joel's website:

Maz's website:

Meet The Team

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